Family Law

Selvaggio Family Lawyers is committed to getting the best results for you.  Led by Accredited Specialist in Family Law Daniela Poletti, we offer a level of expertise and experience that is usually only found in much larger, city-based family law firms.  Conveniently located at Norwest Business Park, Selvaggio Family Lawyers services the Hills District and the surrounding north-western Sydney region. 

Daniela is experienced in the Court process and trained in alternate dispute resolution.  If you are in the process of separating you can be certain that we will look after your best interests.  Selvaggio Family Lawyers’ personalised approach also means that you get excellent service tailored to your needs from both our lawyers and our team of friendly and efficient support staff who are dedicated to assisting you with the legal procedure after separation. By virtue of Daniela's reputation and expertise, her clients come from all areas of Sydney.

Whether you need advice, representation in court, a trained mediator or a trained collaborative family law professional, Selvaggio Family Lawyers can help you. We have expertise in all aspects of family law including:

The Initial Appointment

When you decide to appoint a lawyer in a Family Law matter you need to find out exactly where you stand, what your options are, the best outcome in your case and the recommended choice of legal process

The first consultation with Selvaggio Lawyers is extremely important. For a very reasonable flat fee of $350.00 (plus GST) you will have an opportunity to run through your particular situation with an experienced family law specialist and be given comprehensive advice without obligation to proceed further.

Over a period of about 90 minutes, our specialist solicitor will discuss your case with you in detail and then give you sound advice regarding your entitlements, your options, the most appropriate way forward and an estimate of legal costs. This allows you to make an informed decision at an early stage before problems arise.  We also give you an estimate of all of your fees for the recommended process.

To make an appointment to see a member of our Family Law Team, email or call us directly on 02 9899 9677.


The Importance of Updating your Will On Separation

Whenever you have any changes to your personal circumstances, such as a marriage, separation or divorce or even the purchase of property, it is important that you change your Will and other legal documentation accordingly.

Failing to update your Will following a separation could place your assets at risk if you were to pass away unexpectedly, and your family and loved ones may potentially lose any inheritance that you wish them to have.

If our firm has acted for you in your family law matter, Daniela Poletti will ensure that she prepares a new Will on your behalf free of charge.  If, however, you are not separated, and you just need to obtain advice regarding making a new Will or if you wish to make a new Will because your circumstances have changed, we can help you with making your new Will including making mutual Wills for couples.

To find out how we can help you to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are taken into account in the event of your death.  Call Daniela Poletti on 02 9899 9677, for more information on preparing or updating a Will and visit the Wills & Estates section of this site.