Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements are written agreements between two or more people that outline how that couple's financial assets and property will be allocated if there is a breakdown in the relationship. They are similar to Pre-Nuptial Agreements, however a Financial Agreement can be prepared and signed before, during or after a marriage.

Generally speaking, the items that are usually covered in a Financial Agreement include the division of property, cash assets, debts, superannuation, spousal maintenance, and other items of value such as jewellery and antiques. 

Most couples who prepare a Financial Agreement are attempting to avoid the need to go to court in the event they break-up and are trying to negotiate the potential division of their assets in advance when they still care about each other. To be legally binding, an Agreement must be signed by each party and independent legal advice must have been sought by both sides before the Agreement was finalised.

At Selvaggio Family Lawyers, we can work with you, your partner and your partner's legal advisor to ensure that any Financial Agreements are fair and equitable and that your best interests are taken into account.