Parenting Issues and Arrangements for Children

Regardless of whether you have been in a marriage, de-facto relationship or same-sex relationship, any disputes surrounding where children will live, or how much contact each parent will have, are governed by the Family Law Act.

To summarise, the basic principle behind the Act is that, wherever appropriate, all children have the right to know and be cared for by both parents, and both parents should share the duties and responsibilities of parenting. The courts deal with a range of issues that can arise for children and their parents when a relationship breaks down. Some of these include:

  • who makes decisions regarding the long term and short term welfare of the children
  • who the children spend time with, and for how long and how often
  • where the children will live
  • where  the children will go to school
  • whether  the children will be allowed to move interstate with one of the parents

If you are experiencing a relationship breakdown and have children, speak to one of our family law experts at Selvaggio Family Lawyers for advice on how we can help minimise the impact of the separation or divorce on you, and your children.