Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is a different and modern approach to marriage breakdown in Australia. If offers separating couples an opportunity to work together to find a fair solution to the issues they face during a relationship breakdown. 

The collaborative process involves you, your partner and your respective lawyers sitting together and identifying the issues of importance, then negotiating a satisfactory solution.  All of the negotiations are conducted face-to-face with both parties present, instead of via written correspondence between lawyers, which ensures that the parties retain control of the decision making process and everything is open and transparent.  When needed, financial advisers and counsellors can be called in to assist the parties  The negotiated outcome can then be made legally binding by the Court.

Daniela Poletti is a trained collaborative law practitioner with particular experience and expertise in the process.  She is also a member of the Greater Western Sydney Collaborative Family Lawyers group  and is an Executive Member of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc.