Property Disputes and Litigation

In the field of property law, there are many potential disputes that can arise.  Whether it is a dispute over a lease or tenancy issues, a dispute over a contract, or issues concerning payment schedules and completion of work, property disputes can inflame quickly and take considerable time and money to resolve.

Led by Ross Selvaggio and Gillian Leahy, the property team at Selvaggio Lawyers understand the need to find a solution to your property dispute quickly and effectively.  We are experienced in finding solutions to most issues without the need for costly and time-consuming Court action and can apply our expertise in alternate dispute resolution and mediation to help resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

When Court action is required, our experienced litigators are tenacious and determined to represent your interests to the best of their ability.  We understand the need to minimise the commercial impact to your business and are committed to resolving any dispute as successfully as possible.