Property Settlements for the Division of Family Assets including Businesses, Investments & Superannuation

One of the most important issues to deal with when a couple separates is the division of their joint property and assets.  These assets may include a house, investment property, family business, cars, superannuation funds and even furniture, antiques or jewellery.

Regardless of how 'amicable' you may think the separation is, a formalised division of assets in the way of a property settlement will reduce the likelihood of any ambiguity or potential disputes over your assets in the future. A property settlement is a legally binding agreement that can be enforced through a Court, if necessary, and clearly sets out the terms in which your assets will be divided.

At Selvaggio Family Lawyers we have experienced lawyers who can negotiate a property settlement on your behalf. This is particularly important when there are a complex range of assets, tax issues, commercial assets,  large amounts of superannuation, or when a family business is included in the asset pool.  We have significant experience managing separations that involve family businesses and complex financial structures and we can quickly identify the most appropriate way forward.